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Jungle Animals

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Baby Sock Monkey

Bananas the Funmigurumi Monkey

Bigfoot Monkey, Little

Bitzi the Mini Monkey Amigurumi

+Congo the Gorilla Amigurumi

Curious George Monkey

Cute Cheek Pouches Lion

Decor Monkey

George the Sock Monkey

Happy Hippo

Itty Bitty Orangutan

LeeLoo Amigurumi Monkey

Mad Little Monkey

Mango the Funmigurumi Monkeyroo

Marshmallow Monkey

Mini Amigurumi Monkey with Scarf



Monkey Amigurumi

Monkey Bulletin Board

Monkey Fridgie

Monkey Soda Can Cozy

*Monkey Toy

Monkey Toy

+Monkey, Little


New Year Tiger Amigurumi

Not ANOTHER Sock Monkey Hat

Old School Monkey Amigurumi

Peanuts the Funmigurumi Monkey

Poncho the Monkey

Scoots the Funmigurumi Monkeyroo

Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey

Striped Funky Monkey

Stuffed Monkey

+Tanya Tiger, Amigurumi

Tiger Graph

Tiger, Amigurumi

+Tommy Tiger Amigurumi

Twigger the Funmigurumi Monkeyroo

Two Tone Monkey

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