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*Floral Bag

4th of July Bag

A Lot a Ruffles Felted Bag

Acorn Bag

Airy Summer Hobo Bag

Alice Mini-Shopper Felted Bag

+All Occasion Tote Bag

Almond Blossom Bag

Alpaca Beaded Handbag

Amazing Grace Tote Bag

Amigurumi Gift Bag

Annie Bag

Apple Bag

Apples for Stephanie Tapestry Bag

Applique Pockets Shopping Bag

Apricot Bag

Apricot Bag

Apricot String Bag

April Felted Wavy Bag

April Wavy Bag

Ark Tote Bag

Artist's Satchel

Artsy Little Girl Bag

August Seaside Wavy Bag

Aussie Shoulder Bag

Bag Caddy

Ballerina Bag

Ballerina Princess Bag

Bangle Bag

Basic Oval Bag

Basket Weave Handbag

Basketweave Bag

Beach Bag

+Beach Bag

Beach Bag

Beach Bag

Beach Bag & Mat

Beach Combing Bag

Beach/Market Bag

+Beaded Bag

Beaded Easter Bag

Beaded Shamrock Bag

Beaded Two Finger Bag

Beaded Valentine Bag

Beads, Welts, and Popcorns Felted Bag

Beige Tote Bag

Bella Ruffled Bag

Berry Bags

Big and Little Orange Bags

Big Dots Bag

Big Easy Red Bag

Big Striped Bag

Bingo Bag

Bingo Dauber Bag

Bird Clothespin Bag

Birthday Gift Bag

+Black Cat Bag, Felted

Blog Collection Hobo Bag

Bloody Mary Felted Bag

Bloomin' Bag

+Blooming Bag

+Blue Skies Accessories Bag

Blueberry Bag

Bob-omb Drawstring Bag

Bobble Bag

Bobble-licious Bag

Bobbles Bag

Bone Bag

Book Bag

Book/Laptop Bag

Boulder Bag

Boxed Shell Lined Bag

Boxy Buttoned Bottom Bag

Bridal Keepsake Bag

+Bright Idea Bag

Broccoli Bobble Bag

+Bronze Evening Bag

Brown Bag

Brown Sugar Bag

+Butterfly Shoulder Bag

Cable Heart Gift Bag

Cable Purse

Cable Stripe Carryall Bag

*Cabled Handbag

Cabled Mini Bag

Cake Bag

Candy Apple Baguette

+Candy Corn Bag, Felted

Caracas Carryall Bag

Cassette Tape Evening Bag

Casual Shoulder Bag

CD & DVD Gift Bags

CD Drawstring Bag

Cheerful Rag Bag

*Cheery Christmas Gift Bags

+Chenille Shoulder Bag

Chevron II Bag

Chevron Market Bag

Chevron Yoga Bag

+Chic Baby Bag

Chic Crochet Casserole and Cake Carrier

+Chic Shoulder Bag

Choo Choo Mini Bag

Christmas Gift Bag

Chroma Crochet Bag

+Chunky Bag

Chunky Button Bag

+Citrus Punch Handbag

+Classy Messenger Bag

Clothes Pin Bag

Clothespin Bag

Clothespin Bag

Clothespin Sack

Cluster Stitch Recycled Gift Bag

College Tote Bag

Color Wheel Bag

Connie's Shell Purse

Cool Breeze Shoulder Bag

Cord Bag

Cottage Bag

Cotton Shopping Bag

+Country Club Hat & Bag Set

Creole Crescent Shaped Bag

Crochet 2 in 1 Bag

Crochet Bag, Little

Crochet Casual Bag

Crocodile on the Beach Bag

Crocodile Stitch Soprano Uke Gig Bag

Cross Stitched Miser Bag

Crossbody Bag

Cupcake Bag

Cute Book Bag

Cute Stripey Bag

Cute Tote Bag

Cutest Plarn Grocery/Beach Bag

Cylinder Cosmetic Bag

Dachshund Handbag

Dainty Drawstring Bag

Daisy Chain Bag

Daisy Drawstring Bag

Dangling Flowers Bag

+Day At the Beach Bag

Day at the Beach Bag

Dazzling Waves Bag

Dazzling Waves Bag

Deco Ribbon Bag

Denim Granny Bag

Desiree Bag

Diaper Bag

Dice Bag

Diddy Bag

+Disco Bag

Doctor Who Bag

Doggy Bag

Doily Bag

Doily into Bag

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Bag, Felted

Drawstring Beach Bag

Drawstring Cotton Bag

Drawstring Evening Bag

Drawstring Hobobag

Dress Bag

Dress it Up Quick & Easy Shoulder Bag

Easter Egg Treat Bag

Easter Egg Treat Bag Pattern

Easy Drawstring Bag

Easy Felted Bag

Easy Peasy Bag

Easy Striped Bag

Eco Shopping Bag

Eco-Friendly Carryall

Ecru Mini Bag

Egg Shaped Goody Bags

Elegant Evening Bag

Entrelac Crochet Bag

+Envelope Bag

Evening Bag

Extra Feminine Evening Bag

Fancy Market Bag

Fast Tote Bag

Fat Owl Bag

February Chevron Bag

February Hearts Bag

+Felted Diaper Bag

Felted Diaper Bag

Felted Memo Bag

Felted Rose Bag

Festival Garden String Bag

Fire Cracker Mesh Bag

Flea Market Bag

Fleur-de-lis Bag

Fleuri: A Bag in Blossom

Flirty Ruffled Handbag

Flower Bag

Flower Burst Handbag

Flower Power Bag

Flower Power Beach Bag

Flowers Bag

Fold Away Bag

Fold Up Accessory Bag

Fourth of July Beach Bag

Fox Bag, Felted

Frog Pond Bag

Fun & Funky Lady Tote Bag

Fun Fur Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Funky Felted Bag

Funky Felted Granny Bag

+Furry Little Bag

Get Fresh! Bag

Gift Bags

Gift of Gelt Bag

Girlie Girl Bag

Go Green Market Bag

Grab and Go Lunch Bag

Granny Square Bag

Granny Square Bags

Granny Squares Handbag

Granny Stripe Boutique Bag

Green Shopping Bag

*Grocery Tote Bag

Grove Isle Bag

Half Circle Bag

Half Circle Bag

+Half Medallion Bag

Halloween Bag

Halloween Goody Bag

Halloween Treat Bag

+Halloween Treat Bags

Hamburger Bag

Happy Bat Bag

Happy Lunch Bento Bag

Happy Pumpkin Treat Bag

+Heart Bag

Heart Drawstring Bag

Heart Shaped Bag

Hearts Gift Bag

+Hexagon Market Bag

Hexagon Stitch Bag

Hip-Hop Felted Bag

Hobo Bag

+Hobo Bag

Hobo Bag

Hobo Bag

Hobo Style Bag

Hobo Style Market Bag

How to Make a Mesh Bag

I Love America Bag

Indigo Bag

It's a Pineapple! Crochet Lattice Shell Wrist Bag

January On the Town Bag

Jellybean Bag

Jeweled Hexagon Bag

Jewelry Bag

+Joni Shoulder Bag

Jumbo Plarn Beach Bag

Jute Twine Summer Handbag

Kid's Rainbow Treasure Bag

Kitties In A Row Tote Bag

Knitting Bag

Knitting Needle Bag, Felted

+Lacy Shoulder Bag

Lacy V Market Bag

Ladybug Bag

Large Star Stitch Market Bag

Layers of Shells Bag

Leafy Bag

Leaping Deer Design Mesh Market Bag

Lilac Shoulder Bag

Lion Bag, Felted

Little Black Bag

Little Cutie Bag

Little Flapped Bag

Little Hearts Drawstring Bag

Little Hearts Drawstring Bag

Little Miss Two Handbag

Little Pockets Bag

London Bag

Loop and Bar Lace Drawstring Bag

Loopy Boho Bag

Loosey-Goosey Market Bag

Lotus Flower Bag

Magritte Mini Bag

Make Up Bag

Make-up Bag

+Market Bag

Market Bag

Market Bag

+Market Bag

Market Tote

Marni Drawstring Shoulder Bag

Mars Bag

May Trapezoid Felted Bag

Mermaid Ruffled Handbag

Mesh Market Bag

*Mesh Market Bag

Meshy Market Bag

Mesmerizing Messenger Bag

+Messenger Laptop Bag

Midnight Garden Bag

+Midnight Jewels Bag

Mika Shoulder Bag

Mini Gift Bag

*MiniTote Bag

Miss Pink & Mr Bajs Bags

Mom's Water Bottle Bag

Momma Beach Bag

Monster Trick or Treat Bag

+Mother's Day Bag

Mother's Day Gift Purse Bag

Namaste Yoga Mat Bag

Natural Shoulder Bag

Nick of Time Gift Bag

No Name Bag

October Beaded Bag

Om Shanti Yoga Mat Bag

On the Go Makeup Bag

Onion Bag Drawstring Bag

+Openweave Market Bag

Orange Plarn Trick or Treat Bag

+Oriental Envelope Bag

Out to Lunch Bag

Outlined Squares Shoulder Bag

Oval Bottom Shell Bag

Over the Shoulder Bag

Oversized Granny Bag

Owl Bag

Paperless Grocery Bag

Paris Carpetbag

+Patchwork Bag

Patchwork Felted Bag

Patriotic Beach Bag

Peeps-a-Boo Bag

Percussionist's Mallet Bag

Perfect Fit Hobo Bag

Perky Popcorn Trimmed Bag

Pike Place Market Bag

Pineapple Lace Market Bag

+Pineapple Trimmed Bag

Pink Drawstring Bag

Plarn Bag

Plarn Pop Tab Tote Bag

Plastic Bag Bag

Plastic Bag Yarn Messenger Bag

Pocket Bag

+Polka-Dot Gift Bag

Posied Felted Bag

+Prism Bag

Produce Bag

Provence Market Bag

Provence Summer String Bag

Psuedo Pineapple Drawstring Bag

Pumpkin Bag

Pumpkin Bag

Rainbow Pocket Market Bag

Rainbow Spikes Bag

+Raised Shell Bag

Recycled Bread Bag Handbag

Recycled Cassette Tape Granny Square Bag

Recycled Clothes Pin Bag

Recycled Mini Shoulder Bag

Recycled Net Market Bag

Recycled Plastic Bag Granny Square Bag

Recycled Plastic Granny Square Tote Bag

Recycled Plastic Hobo Handbag

Recycled Plastic Plarn Handbag

Recycled Plastic Shoulder Bag

Recycled Trick or Treat Bag

Recycled VHS Tape Sling Bag

+Red Rose Handbag, Felted

Reusable Gift Bag

Reusable Lunch Sack Bag

Reusable Plarn Produce Bag

Ribbed Project Bamboo Handle Bag

Ribbon Bag

Ribbon Sling Bag

Ribbon-Weaved Handbag

Riley Cross Body Bag

Rings Silk Bag

Ripple Bag

Ripple Bag

Ripple Cosmetic Bag

Rolly Bag

Rosewood Felted Bag

Round Bottom Cotton Shopping Bag

Round Cluster Bag

Round Striped Bag

Ruffle Bag

Ruffled Bag

Rust Goes Green - Reusable Market Bag

Sack Dress Sack

Santa Pants Bag

Santa's Candy Bag

Sari Silk Bag

Satchel Styled Plarn Tote Bag

Save the Earth Bag

Scarf and Bag Set

Scary Skull Bag

Scrap Baby Bag

+Seaside Beach Bag

Shaped Pumpkin Treat Bag

Shell Stitch Flowered Bag

Shell-Shopped Bag

Shells and Mesh Small Market Bag

Shelly Bag

Sherbet Shells Small Bag

Shifting Shells Shopping Bag

+Shopping Bag

Shopping Bag

+Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag with Flap

Simple Handbag

Simple Round Base Drawstring Bag

Simple Shoulder Bag

Simple Square Base Drawstring Bag

Simple Stripe Drawstring Bag

Skull Trick or Treat Bag

Sling Bag

Slouchy Grab Bag

Small Beaded Flap Bag

Small Beginner Bag

Small Gift Bag

Small Halloween Treat Bag

Small Handbag

Small Market Bag

Small Oval Gift Bag

Snapdragon Bag

Snowman Gift Bag

Sock Monkey Bag

Sock Monkey Bag Pattern

Sock Monkey Bag, Felted

Spectator Bags

Spider Webby Bag

Spiders & Stripes Bag

Spiders and Stripes Bag

Spiral Bag

Spiral Textured Seed Stitch Bag

Spiral Textured Seed Stitch Bag

Spring Bag

Spring Candy Cosmetic Bag

Spring Flowers Handbag

Squared Off Bag

Squares Bag

Squares Beach Bag

Starling Handbag

Stars & Stripes Felted Wheelchair Tote Bag

Stash Buster Bag

String Shopping Bag

Striped Shoulder Bag

Stripes & Color Blocks Messenger Bag

Stylish Handbag

+Suede Bag

+Suede Handbag

Summer Bag

Summer Bag

Summer Hand Bag

Summer Net Market/Beach Bag

Sunburst Bag

Sunflower Bag

Sunny Destination Bag

Sunrise Yoga Bag

+Surf's Up! Bag

Surf's Up! Beach Bag

Sweet Little Doily Bag

Sweet Pea Tote Bag

Sweet Treats Drawstring Beach Bag

+Swirling Bag

Tardis Bag

Tasty Little Chevron Bag

Taupe Bag

*Tee Bag

Tee-Shirt Yarn Handbag

Terry Cloth Laundry Bag

+Textured Bag

The Blog Collection Windmill Bag

The Flower Child Bag

Tiger Lily Bag

Toast Bag

Too Many Snowmen Gift Bag

Tooth Fairy Pouch

+Tote Bag

Tranquil Waves Underarm Purse

Tranquility Yoga Bag

Treats Bag

Tree Gift Bag

Trick or Treat Bag

Triple Flap Bag

Tunisian Easy Felted Bag

Two Traveling Bags

Ultimate Recycled Market Bag

Upcycled T-shirt Handbag

Updated Market Bag

Uptown Bag

V-Stitch Grocery/Produce Bag

Val Handbag

Variegated Plarn Tote Bag

VCR Tape Designer Bag

Vintage Style Drawstring Bag

Watercolor Festival Bag

Watermelon Bag

Weather Resistant Clothespin Bag

Well Traveled Bag

Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Wine or Gift Bag

Wrapped Ombre Tote Bag

Wynter Flower Felted Bag

XOX Drawstring Bag

Yarn & Project Bag

Yarn and Project Bag

Yarn Bag

Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Mat Bag

Youthful Striped Bag

Zenith Felted Bag

Zipped Bag

Zippered Pear Bag

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